Slider boss 150
  • Slider boss 150

Color: Flash oro 24K

Slider Boss 150 corkscrew

The Slider Boss 150 corkscrew is a professional corkscrew for gourmet wine professionals and waiters with the implementation of the Slider slag blade of the Slider 900 corkscrews. It is perfect for premium sommeliers who want the benefits of a corkscrew with the slag system slider

Slider system in this corkscrew:

The implementation of the sliding slitting blade on the Slider corkscrews allows a better and a faster usability, since it ensures a better use of using the knife with one hand. This corkscrew is characteristic for its professional finish, typical of professional corkscrews and for its ergonomic and solid body. Together with the Slider system, they make it the perfect professional corkscrew.

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