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Pulltap's Genuine: The corkscrew preferred by wine experts.

Discover the original and genuine brand that revolutionized the opening of wine bottles. Our patented corkscrews, with their distinctive design and custom manufacturing, offer you a superior experience that will grow your passion for wine.

The only patented two-stage corkscrew on the market.

Original, inimitable.
Experience comfort and precision with our patented double lever system, designed for effortless extraction without damaging the cork.

The two-stroke corkscrew model was exclusively patented by us in 1992. Therefore, Pulltap’s Genuine is the only brand that can provide the quality and durability that a wine professional needs.

We design and manufacture our products in Barcelona with top quality materials. This is the only way we can achieve impeccable aesthetics and perfect performance.

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Make sure you buy Pulltap's Genuine.

Make sure you are buying Pulltap’s Genuine by purchasing products only in our website or in our Amazon Store!
Leading the way in wine bottle opening innovation

At Pulltap's Genuine, we combine the legacy of our original and genuine brand with a constant quest for innovation.

Our patented corkscrews offer cutting-edge design, unique finishes, formats and materials, as well as groundbreaking functionalities that make every cork opening an exceptional experience. 

Pull Taps White side
Pull Taps White side

Ergonomic solid body
Chrome plated finish with an exceptional grip

The surface with laser engraving

Retractable blade
With retractable saw, perfect for uncorking

Articulated lever
Exceptional two-stroke lever with a specific
support and perfect for uncorking thousands of bottles of wine

Your Pulltap’s Genuine made to measure 100%.

Each corkscrew is a small work of art created especially for you.

Customize your Pulltap’s Genuine corkscrews with unique engravings, corporate logos or specific colors that fit you or your brand. You can also choose the packaging for your corkscrews from our multiple options, or send us or request a specific design, we adapt to your needs!
You can create your Pulltap’s Genuine with our configurator or contact us for other out-of-catalog options. No minimum order!

Discover why sommeliers, wine industry professionals and wine lovers around the world consistently choose Pulltap's Genuine as their trusted brand.

Pulltap’s Genuine is a go-to brand for wine folks, and I can see why. The construction feels sturdy, the lever is solid, and the knife is sharp.”
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Maggie Hoffman, Drinks editor for Serious Eats

“This corkscrew is most often recommended and used by sommeliers and received the highest rating from our expert testers. It’s lightweight but sturdy and built well with a tight and controlled hinge that makes uncorking bottles a breeze.”
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Melissa Vogt, Writer for Food and Wine

“Pulltap’s Genuine is a workhorse of a wine key: designed with professionals in mind, the hinged double-lever system and serrated knife blade make it a breeze to open bottles with both long and short corks.”

Kate Dingwall, Writer for Liquor.com

“Pulltap’s double-hinged corkscrew is my favorite because it’s the best one to help avoid breaking corks and secure a mess-free bottle opening experience.”
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Lorenzo Trefethen, Trefethen Family Vineyards.

For Wine Opening You know those cheap corkscrews that make it extra hard to open a bottle of wine? Get rid of them. Make your life easier with something like a Pulltap’s, “the best one out there for everyday use”

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Let's talk about customization! Contact us and create your
custom corkscrew.
We deliver worldwide, regardless of your location.

If you are looking for an exceptional corking experience, Pulltap’s offers custom corkscrew customization, contact us and discover how you can have a unique corkscrew, designed exclusively for you!

We are here! Sabadell (Barcelona-Spain)

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